15 novembro 2011

Ouvir a voz dos indignados!

Contrariando a opacidade e o silenciamento por parte dos media, vão surgindo na net tomadas de posição acerca do alcance e fundamento que os movimentos dos "indignados" estão a ter em muitas cidades do mundo, com particular destaque para a contestação que se mantém em Wall Street, um lugar altamente simbólico do sistema financeiro mundial.

Maria José Melo Antunes, co-autora do “Areia dos dias”, acaba de dar uma entrevista em que faz uma leitura do grito dos indignados de Wall Street, Vem publicada aqui e vale a pena ler.

È uma análise lúcida e fundada no seu conhecimento teórico e experiência profissional na actividade do investimento.

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  1. Many of the sites, including New York, of the Occupy movement have been evacuated. London will probably come next; the City of London is starting moves for this. This may not be bad, for people joining in without understanding the purpose fully can hurt the impact.
    Other than some “intruders,” the manifestations have been peaceful and thoughtful.
    The message is out, and the movement will continue as opined in an editorial in today’s FT.

    Richard Lambert writes that free markets are based on 2 broad arguments:
    1. They deliver more efficient outcomes than alternatives
    2. They create increased prosperity for society at large
    The efficient market theory has been proven wrong. Market failures can have devastating consequences for society. The market economy has to be built on trust and mutual respect. It is not today.
    Income is unevenly distributed:
    • In the US growth in recent years has flowed mainly to the top
    • The upper 1% is taking in nearly 25% of income every year, double that of 25 years ago
    • Those in the middle have seen real incomes fall, especially those completing only high school
    Hopefully, this will weaken the hubris of the financial sector and this will be reformed for the better of society.


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