08 março 2011

Skidelsky & Keynes

It is encouraging to see a mainstream economist, Robert Skidelsky, question the moral implications of the US consumption model, by drawing on Keynes’ 1930 essay, “Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren.” Despite having been written 80 years ago, the essay is topical. It is also refreshing to see an economist discussing not economic models, but philosophical concepts. Not too long ago, no economist would have dared venture into this “subjective” space, as all that could not be measured could not be trusted. We have to look out for the book on which Skidelsky is collaborating with his son, a philosopher, How Much Is Enough? Economics and the Good Life. Perhaps there is hope after all. In the meantime, it is worth watching his interview on INET; "Is the US in Decline?" and "Keynes Vision of Utopia."

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